2007 Highlights
Roseann Blunt (mother of Governor Matt Blunt), Betty Lynn, Myrtle Glass (mother of David Glass) and Jamie Rupe pose together at the 2007 Mother's Luncheon at Heartland Baptist Church. Blunt, Lynn and Glass all received the Cherry Blossom Medal.
Cherry Blossom Award Winners
The 2007 "Cherry Blossom Tea" which was hosted by the ladies of Holy Trinity Catholic Church was well attended and was a highlight of the festival. Ms. Betty Lynn also made a surprise appearance at the event.
Cherry Blossom Tea
Karolyn Grimes, ZuZu from "It's a Wonderful Life"
Roy Howard Beck moderates the 2007 Presidential Forum. Pictured on the panel are: Marie Clinton Bruno (cousin of President Bill Clinton), Devon Nixon, Chris Truscott, Shannon Lanier, Chris Breiseth, George Cleveland and Jennifer Harville.
Presidential Family Forum
Steve Otto, Storyteller
Steve Otto speaks to children at the Marshfield Christian Church. Otto is a famous storyteller and this was the first year that storytelling was featured on the schedule of events.
Steve Otto

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the dedication of exhibit items for the National First Families Library and Museum. Pictured at the ceremony were Devon Nixon, John Truman, Chris Breiseth, Greg Roosevelt, Jennifer Harville, Brad Turner (relative of President Warren Harding), George Cleveland, Nita Campbell (relative of President James K. Polk), Jill Campbell (relative of President JamesK. Polk) and Virginia Roedder (relative of President James K. Polk).
Ribbon Cutting

Mary Prince (personal assistant to President Jimmy Carter) and Donnie Kendrick (relative of Mary Todd Lincoln) honor the 2007 Cherry Blossom poster winners.
Cherry Blossom Poster Contest Winners

Jennifer Harville (great granddaughter of President Calvin Coolidge), Chip McGeehan, Karolyn Grimes, Christ Truscott (descendant of  President Thomas Jefferson), Mary Price (personal assistant to President Jimmy Carter) and John Truman (great nephew of President Harry S Truman) pose together after the 2007 Edwin P. Hubble Medal of  Initiative. Harville, Truscott and Truman presented the medals to the honorees.Medal of Initiative
Jennifer Harville (great granddaughter of President Calvin Coolidge) speaks about her great grandmother, Grace Coolidge at the Cross Bridge Church.
John Truman speaks at the Harry S Truman Symposium. Truman is pictured next to Chris Breiseth of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute. The symposium focused on how World War II changed the lives of President Roosevelt and Truman.
Harry S Truman Symposium Speakers
2007 Cherry Blossom Queen Stephanie Lance in the middle with her queen's court.
Cherry Blossom Queen & her court
2007 Cherry Blossom Queen Stephanie Lance, her court and fellow candidates pose together at the cherry blossom queen contest at Cross Bridge Church.
Cherry Blossom Contestants
George Beverly Shea receives the Edwin P. Hubble Medal of Initiative in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 4, 2007, the afternoon before the dedication ceremony for the Billy Graham Library.
Nicholas Inman with George Beverly Shea