Washington, DC

The project of planting cherry blossom trees in the city of Marshfield, Missouri came about from a dream of local resident, Nicholas W. Inman. Following an internship in Washington, D.C. he returned home, for he had become a little homesick. However, due to his love of our nation's capital he decided that it would be nice to bring just a small touch of Washington to his home town. Thus, allowing everyone a chance to enjoy both worlds.

Lori Holden Planting a TreeThe cherry blossom project was began in 2003, although the first official planting did not occur until 2004. The first tree was planted at the Webster County Museum by Missouri First Lady Lori Houser Holden. It was decided on by the local Tree City USA advisory committee that each Missouri First Lady would be asked to plant a tree. This occurred due to the fact that the nations First Ladies had planted the trees in the nation's capital. In fact, First Lady Helen Taft planted the first tree in Washington, D.C

Jerry Jones
Soon the cherry blossom project spread throughout the city. Numerous dignitaries have visited to plant trees including; Jerry Jones (Owner of the Dallas Cowboys), Jean Carnahan (Former Missouri First Lady and United States Senator), Pat Wilson (Former Missouri First Lady), Betty Hearnes (Former Missouri First Lady), John and Hilda Lane (nephew of Dr. Edwin P. Hubble), Lesley Kays (Webster County Sesquicentennial Queen) along with several group plantings.

Not long after the tree was adopted amongst residents, the local school board named a street on their local campus "Cherry Blossom Way."  This came at the urging of Inman, Neva Shroder and the tree committee, who fostered the idea of lining the way with cherry blossom trees.  Following the decision the Marshfield United Methodist Church and the Marshfield High School Alumni Association became part of the project and they began encouraging their members to purchase clumps of trees along the way.  Today, the way is lined with numerous clumps that, once they mature, shall exhibit a breathtaking view during the blooming season.  

In the beginning the Marshfield Rotary club purchased a large amount of small cherry blossom starts.  Volunteers planted several cherry blossom trees on public property and a series of promotions encouraged citizens to plant cherry blossoms on private property. We have quite a few trees planted throughout Marshfield, but would love to see more planted every year.

Mrs. HearnesAt the urging of local residents, Inman formed the first "cherry blossom festival committee" for the 2006 blooming season. A dedicated and faithful group to the project was appointed and they have begun work on an exciting opportunity for everyone who visits the city in April of 2006.

Although many of the trees are still young, the view and anticipation shall be great. The city of Marshfield shall forever profit, due to the dream of a young man, who dared to dream a little outside of the box.

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