2004 Highlights
Lori Houser Holden ceremoniously plants the first official cherry
blossom tree in Marshfield in front of the Webster County Museum.  
Holden was Missouri First Lady at the time of the planting.  
Pictured with Holden are Dr. Tommy Macdonnell,
Rev. Charles Embree and Nicholas W. Inman.
Lori Houser Holden planting tree
Lori Houser Holden addresses those present at the first official  planting of a kwanzan cherry blossom tree at the corner of Jackson  and Clay Streets. In her remarks she said, "I hope that I have begun a tradition here in Marshfield and that all future first ladies will travel here and plant one as well."
Lori Houser Holden speaking
Lady Bird Johnson was the first recipient of the Edwin P. Hubble Medal of Initiative in 2004.  Johnson was presented the medal in the presidential suite at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, Texas.  Johnson was honored for her extensive work in beautification.
Lady Bird Johnson
Nicholas W. Inman presented Lady Bird Johnson with the Edwin P. Hubble Medal of Initiative at the Johnson Presidential Library. Here the two visit about the Hubble Telescope, which Mrs. Johnson witnessed being launched into space.
Lady Bird Johnson & Nicholas Inman
Pat Wilson, former Missouri first lady speaks at the Webster County Courthouse before planting her kwanzan cherry blossom tree in honor of all Missouri veterans. Pictured behind Wilson (left to right) Rev. Frank Ragg, Ryan Stokes, Nicholas W. Inman and John Strobel. Wilson was accompanied to Marshfield by Roger Wilson, former Missouri Governor.

Inman joins Pat Wilson, former Missouri first lady in ceremoniously planting her cherry blossom tree on the lawn of the Webster County Courthouse in 2004.
Arminta Jones joins her son, Jerry Jones in planting a kwanzan cherry blossom tree at the R.A. Barr Football stadium at Marshfield Junior High.
Arminta & her son Jerry Jones planting a cherry tree